Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Jill's thoughts on permanent trache

If you are going to have a permanent trach, then you should ask your doctor to do a "skin-lined" trach.  The doctor will fold the top and bottom skin where he cuts in and stitches it down.  This way if your trach pops out for some reason the hole will never completely close, get smaller you bet, but not completely closed.

Be aware the hole shrinking starts the moment you take out the trach.

Yes even to clean it, it starts shrinking.  But most people don't notice things shrinking for about 20 minutes.  So relax you can change a trach without fear/worry.  Of course there are those who are exceptions.

Some trach folks claim a "skin-lined" trach  will result in faster healing, and less problems with infections granuloma and granulation tissue.

If you do ever want the trach removed, it will require another surgery.


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